If you are seeking recommendations for other interesting sites to visit or looking for a way to escape this site, here are some recommendations:

Social Media

I'm active on the following:
Twitter: I rarely tweet, but frequently like.
Instagram: I occasionally post photos.
Tumblr: Mostly photos of cars, motorcycles, architecture, videos, and other miscellaneous things I discover while surfing the web.


The most recent 25 long-form articles that I've read and recommend:


I have am an active lurker on the following online communities.
67-72 Chevy Trucks
The Car Lounge

Technology + Culture

I read articles daily from the following:
Hacker News

The Verge
Ars Technica
The Outline
Daring Fireball


I listen to a lot of podcasts. Here are some of my favorite weekly pods:

99% Invisible: a podcast that explores the design of everything.

Radiolab: a show that explores science and technology and the philosophical (and sometimes moral) implications of these subjects.

Reply All: a podcast about the internet.

Road Work: a weekly conversation between John Roderick and Dan Benjamin. John tends to open up a little more on Road Work and dive a little deeper into topics and themes.

Roderick on the Line: a weekly conversation between John Roderick and Merlin Mann.

Back to Work: a 'productivity' podcast hosted by Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin. Topics include recommendations for technology, movies, t.v. shows, comics, parenting, avoiding Florida, germs, etc.

Omnibus!: a podcast from the future, recorded in the present by Ken Jennings and John Roderick, performing deep-dives on topics from the past.

This American Life: a show that explores a certain topic through stories.

Who's Paying Attention: a weekly podcast hosted by Alonzo Bodden giving his comedic take on the news, sports, pop culture, etc.

NPR - Tiny Desk Concert: a variety of music performed behind the confines of a tiny desk.

Hidden Brain: a show that explores the science and psychology behind the decisions we make, human behavior, etc.

Other Podcasts: when the guest or topic is of interest and when I have time:

WTF: Marc Maron is a great host, comedian, and interviewer. Recommended episodes: Barack Obama, Conan O'Brien, Gary Shandling, and Robin Williams.

The Rewatchables: hosted by the people behind The Ringer, né Grantland (Bill Simmons, Sean Fennessey, and others) diving into great, rewatchable movies. Recommended episodes: Forest Gump, Heat, White Men Can't Jump, and Oceans 11.

The Incomparables: hosted by Jason Snell and others discussing the latest sci-fi and pop-culture media. Recent recommended episodes: 396: A Lifeboat Made of Mom (The Incredibles), 344: Metaphors All the Way Down (Neil Gaiman's American Gods), 334: Three Pillars of Batman (Tim Burton Batman Movies).

Frontline by PBS: the audio version of PBS' news investigation t.v. show.

Podcast Series:

Serial: a podcast series hosted by Sarah Koenig that thoroughly investigates a crime and presents all of the evidence over a series of episodes. Investigative journalism via traditional media (e.g. books, television or film documentary, newspaper, magazine, etc.) is nothing new, but through podcasts is an excellent use of the format. Season 1 explores a high-school murder and Season 2 explores an American Army soldier who was captured and held by the Taliban and then charged with desertion. Each season is interesting for its interviews, uncovering and presentation of the evidence, and re-telling of the crime.

S-Town: a podcast series hosted by Brian Reed that begins with an e-mail request to investigate an alleged murder in a small town in Alabama but takes a turn and ends up exploring a central character, his circle of friends, and the small town.

Accused: a podcast series hosted by Amber Hunt and Amanda Rossmann that explores unsolved murders in and around Cincinnati, Ohio. Like Serial, the investigating, presentation of evidence, and re-telling of these murders is very well-done. The fact that I'm interested in two unsolved murders in a city I have no connection to 2,300 miles away and occuring 30 years ago speaks to the greatness of this series.