Google Fusion Tables

Updated December 2019: On December 3, 2019, Google shutdown Fusion Tables, which effectively killed all of my mapping projects. I still have the data and if I find the motivation, will someday update the maps.

I've long been fascinated with maps and data. For fun, I've created Google Fusion Tables that looked at Kitsap County's population density and election results.

2010 Kitsap County Population Density

2014 Kitsap County Election Maps

Following the 2014 Kitsap County general election, I created a couple of maps to show how the county voted in terms of blue (Democrats) and red (Republicans). I created the maps for the key races that interested me. Map and election data is provided by Kitsap County is current as of November 14, 2014.

Certain election districts (i.e. Ueland 082, Powerline 086, Bremerton 107, etc.) returned no voting results and are not colored on the maps.

U.S. 6th District Congressional Election

County-wide support for Congressman Kilmer. Strongest support among Bainbridge Island, North Kitsap, and Bremerton voters.

Kitsap County Commissioner Distrct 3 Election

Strong support for Linda Streissguth on Bainbridge Island and Indianola. Urban areas, mainly downtown Bremerton and Poulsbo, show strong Democrat support. Port Orchard and unincorporated Kitsap County show support for Wolfe/Republicans.

Kitsap County Prosecutor Election

Again, strong Democrat support on Bainbridge Island and Indianola. More support for Hague in Bremerton, Poulsbo, and North Kitsap. Strong support for Robinson in Bangor and rural, unincorporated Kitsap County.

Washington State House Representative District 26 Position 2

Strong support for Rep. Seaquist in downtown Bremerton. Broad support for Michelle Caldier through most of South Kitsap.