1910 Craftsman

My wife and I purchased this fixer-upper in 2007. For being a 100+ year-old home in Bremerton, the house is in very good shape. The house is located in downtown Bremerton, just up the street from a waterfront park, walking distance downtown and the Seattle ferry, and in an up-and-coming neighborhood. The house has tons of exterior character--12/12 pitched roof, a big street-facing bay window, decorative cedar siding, and a white picket fence. The interior of the home is nothing to write home about, but when we're done remodeling we hope it will be.

Pictures of the house from 2007:

house house house house house
  • 950 square feet
  • 2 bedroom, 1 bath
  • 1 car garage
  • Unfinished basement and attic

Between 2007 and 2015, we repaired most everything that was wrong, repainted all of the walls and trim, replaced the roof and gutters, painted the exterior, addressed the yard, and cleaned up everything else we didn't like.

  • Interior painting - completed 9/2015
  • Remove noxious weeds - completed 9/2011
  • Replace light fixtures - in progress - started 10/2007
  • Finish nursery/boys room - completed 8/2008
  • New roof - completed 10/2008
  • Replace wooden gutters for aluminum - completed 9/2009
  • Paint exterior - completed 10/2010
  • Level backyard and add fence - completed 9/2014
  • Kitchen remodel - in progress - partially started with re-sanding the cabinetry and replacing the countertop
  • Bathroom remodel - not started
  • Add stair to attic - not started
  • Finish attic: add master suite and bath, office - not started

In September 2015, we purchased a second home, a 1981 split-level, that we are currently living in. The Craftsman house became too small for our growing family and we found a much larger house in our price range. We are holding on to the Craftsman (we've got a friend renting it) and hope to someday finish what we started.

Pictures of the house from September 2015:

house house house house house house house house