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    At any given time, I've got several projects going that keep me moving and on my toes. My projects allow me to coordinate my brain and hands, and dabble in the life of a crafstman, electrician, plumber, auto mechanic, web designer and computer repair person--all professions I would fail miserably at if my livelihood depended on it (thank God for my day job).

    1910 craftsman house | 1957 chevrolet truck | 1994 ford probe gt

  • 1957 chevrolet truck

    We purchased the truck from one of my dad's co-workers in July 1999. The truck had been stored in a garage in Elma, WA. When we found it, the truck was not running, both doors had been removed, it had 4 different size and make of wheels, and the bed wood was rotted and pieces missing. In the bed of the truck were two Crafstman riding lawnmowers which my dad fixed and sold to recoup our $800 purchase cost.

    The restoration started with a removing the bed, cab, and body panels to get to the frame. The front quarter of the truck frame was cut and a 1978 Pontiac Trans Am front clip grafted on. The Trans Am clip was selected for its large power disc brakes, power steering, and beefier sway bar. A 1965 Ford Mustang gas tank was installed between the frame rails beneath the bed. The frame was cleaned and painted.

    Once the frame work was complete, the cab and bed were re-installed. Patch panels were installed in areas that had been rusted out; the firewall, gas cap, and bed post holes were filled and shaved, and the tailgate received custom treatment with an embossed Chevrolet logo.

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  • 1957 chevrolet truck cont'd

    Final body work and paint was performed by a family friend. The grill was purchased at a hot rod swap meet and re-chromed. The bumpers are reproduction chrome bumpers from Chevy Duty. The American Racing Torq Thrust II wheels and Toyo tires were gifted by my parents. In the cab, the front bench was found in the Little Nickle and reupholstered. In the bed, we chose pine bed wood and chrome furring strips and hardware.

    The truck isn't quite done yet, we still need to:

    • Complete the wiring
    • Install sound deadening mat in the cab
    • Add carpet
    • Complete fit and finish

    The truck will be a never-ending project. In the future and when time, money, and patience permits, I have plans to swap in a more powerful and efficient motor.

    A complete list of parts on the details of the truck is available. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the restoration.

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  • photos

    I puchased my first camera when I was 11 and photography is something I'll grow old trying to get better at.

    • My first film camera was a Kodak 35mm point and shoot
    • My current film camera is a Lomo LC-A
    • My first digital camera was a Canon SD100
    • My current digital camera is a Canon Rebel XTi

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  • 1910 craftsman home

    * These pictures were included in the original MLS listing from 05/2007.
    • 950 sq. ft.
    • 2 bed, 1 bath
    • 1 car garage
    • Unfinished basement and attic

    My wife and I purchased this fixer-upper in 2007. The house is located down the street from a waterfront park, downtown Bremerton, the Seattle ferry, and in an up-and-coming neighborhood. The house has tons of exterior character--12/12 pitched roof, a big street-facing bay window, decorative cedar siding, and a white picket fence. The interior of the home is nothing to write home about, but when we're done remodeling we hope it will be.

    For being a 100+ year-old home in Bremerton, the house is in very good shape. We are in the process of remodeling, room by room, when time permits or when the baby is sleeping. Here are some of the home improvement projects we have planned:

    • Interior painting - in progress - started 9/2007
    • Remove noxious weeds - completed 9/2011
    • Replace light fixtures - in progress - started 10/2007
    • Finish nursery - completed 8/2008
    • New roof - completed 10/2008
    • Replace wooden gutters for aluminum - completed 9/2009
    • Paint exterior - completed 10/2010
    • Level backyard and add fence - in progress - started 9/2012
    • Kitchen remodel
    • Bathroom remodel
    • Add stair to attic
    • Finish attic: add master suite and bath, office
  • 1994 Ford Probe GT Turbo

    The 2nd generation (1993-1997) Ford Probe is one of my favorite cars of all time. I remember reading articles about the car in magazines before it was released and even then I was drawn to its futuristic styling, high-revving Mazda V6 motor, and best-in-class handling (at its time). When the opportunity to purchase my own Ford Probe GT materialized, I jumped at the opportunity. In the summer of 2003, I found the car in Tacoma, WA via a craigslist ad. When I purchased the car, it had 125,000 miles on it and was in need of some TLC--the motor needed a tune-up, the body had several dents, the paint was peeling, and the exhaust system had rotted out, etc. Shortly after purchasing it, I had fixed most of the mechanical issues and then the modding bug hit me.

    Within months I had retrofitted and installed a Honda Prelude cold air intake, a custom 2.5" Magnaflow performance exhaust system, a modified Honda Civic short-throw shifter, a Tokico sport suspension, and a set of 18" 5zigen light-weight wheels. In 2005, my dad and I installed our own custom made turbocharger kit that included a Garrett T3 Super 60 running 7psi of boost.

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  • After all of the modifications, the car still remains fun, cheap, and reliable. With the exception of routine maintenance, the car has been hassle-free. The car is my daily driver and an absolute blast to drive.

    Under the Hood:
    • Mazda KLZE V6
    • Clutchmaster Stage 3 Kevlar Clutch
    • Solid Polyeurothane Motor Mounts
    • Precision SC50 Turbo
    • Deltagate Wastegate (7psi spring)
    • GReddy Type S Blow-off Valve (7psi spring)
    • Paxton FMU (12:1)
    • Walbro Fuel Pump (255lph)
    • Spearco Front Mount Intercooler
    • 3" Turbo-back Mandarel Bent Exhaust
    • Borla Race Series Muffler

    Suspension, Brakes, and Wheels:
    • Suspension: Tokico HP (Blue) Struts and Springs
    • Front: Honda S2000 13" Disc Brakes (custom made big brake kit)
    • Rear: 10" Discs (custom made big brake kit)
    • Pads: Hawk Performance
    • Wheels: (4) 18" x 7.5" 5zigen Heidfeld Aluminum Wheels
    • Tires: (4) 225/40/18 Kuhmo SPT

    • Corksport Front Lip
    • FX Side Skirts
    • Body and Paint by Gig Harbor Auto Body, Gig Harbor, WA

    The Probe is another one of my never-ending projects. Future plans for the car include an engine management system to control fuel and spark delivery and tuning.

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  • lomography

    All photos taken with a Lomo LC-A.

    For more information on Lomo cameras and Lomography, check out Lomography.

  • about the website

    defy perception was created in 2001 originally as an Incubus fan site. From 2001-2005, defy perception received hundreds of unique daily visits as it was one of the few Incubus fan sites featuring updated band news, tour dates, album information, and photos and video. If you're interested, you can visit defy perception on the Wayback Machine.

    Like all of my projects, this website is a work in progress. In the last couple of years defy has become a playground for my various web experiments. You're viewing the latest experiment. It was hand-crafted with jQuery.LocalScroll, Shadowbox.js, html and css.

    Hosting is by Hole in the Wall where you can get $10/annual hosting packages.

  • jessie's bucket list

    I have personal and professional goals that I'm constantly striving for, but after I start making money and before I kick the bucket, I'd like to accomplish the following in no particular order:
    (updated 01/01/2010)

    • Marry the most beautiful woman on the planet
    • Visit the Phillippines
    • Drive a Porsche 911 GT3
    • Drive a Ford GT90
    • Drive a Bugatti Veyron
    • Own the car I lusted for in high school
    • Have 3 another children
    • Complete the Seattle-to-Portland (STP) bicycle race
    • Drive my truck to Cars and Coffee in CA
    • Enter my truck into a car show
    • Own my own home
    • Own a bigger home
    • Have a vacation/2nd home somewhere warm year-round
    • Take a motorcyle road trip
    • Go to a taping of Top Gear
    • Start my own business
    • Complete a half-marathon
    • Own a 2011 Ford Mustang GT
    • Retire before I'm 5060
    • Visit Japan (again)
    • Travel to space

  • links

    Here are sources of inspiration and my favorite websites to get lost in:

    ben kenney
    the helio sequence
    portugal, the man
    red hot chili peppers

    nick onken
    michael rastall
    john batte
    miami fever
    republica unica

    chris glass
    jon sibal
    bruce turkel
    jim gaffigan

    the car lounge